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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery


When you’re hit by disaster, Dilamco is here to help. We are Montreal’s trusted source for disaster recovery and post-disaster renovation services. No matter what the problem, we will work quickly and efficiently to generate the best solution for your situation.


Fire & Smoke

When dealing with the aftermath of a fire you need a professional who can quickly come in and take over the job of cleaning up. The last thing you need is more hassle. Our experienced team will come in right away and get you on your way to restoration; no matter the extent of the fire and smoke damage.

The main thing to remember when dealing with the aftermath of a house fire is to respond immediately. Time is valuable when dealing with smoke and water damage.

Decide how much or how little you want to be involved in the clean up process. Call your insurance provider immediately for assessment and hire a company who will deal directly with your insurance provider.

Once the fire has been put out and emergency crews have declared the area safe, you can begin the process of restoration. Call an experienced Montreal fire & smoke damage clean-up service who will quickly come in and assess the damage, work with your insurance provider, save and pack-out what can be salvaged, and begin clean-up and restoration efforts.


Water Damage Recovery

Emergency flood repair and water damage services are some of the most common disaster recovery services we deliver in Montreal. Because water damages must be handled within 24hrs to prevent further damages from occurring, it is essential to call for professional help immediately. Once you’ve called a professional emergency flood repair service, be sure to call your insurance provider as well.


Rapid Response Minimizes Water Damages

Upon receiving your call, Dilamco will have a contractor on scene to assess the water damage situation and begin immediate emergency flood repair treatments. In order to minimize further water damages such as warping & swelling of walls, floors or furniture, we will begin installing water damage equipment such as:

- Moisture detectors and hygrometers
- Submersible pumps to continuously extract water
- Industrial dehumidifiers to reduce any secondary water damages
- High-speed blowers to generate airflow across rooms, evaporating moisture
- Deodorization and disinfection products to curb growth of mildew, fungi or bacteria
- Roofing & exterior finishing
- Plumbing, specialty systems (geothermal etc...)
- Commercial, industrial and institutional construction services

Types of Water Damage

There are three types of water damage that commonly happen and the first step is to determine which one you’re dealing with. Clean water is just that, clean. It occurs from storms, broken supply pipes etc.

Grey water is the wastewater from your shower, bath, sinks and washing machines.

Black waters are sewage waters that contain pathogens, fungi and bacterial/viral contaminations. Black water is extremely hazardous to your health, so call us right away to determine what type you’re dealing with. Typical water damage calls we deal with include:

- Snow, ice, rain, hail damages
- Frozen/broken pipes
- Floods & storm water
- Sewage & waste waters
- Water from fire crews & sprinkler systems
- Leaking roofs, foundations etc.


Decontamination Services

Decontamination can be a big, messy job, but we have what it takes to properly decontaminate a variety of situations: including mold, asbestos, lead and other harmful materials. We also provide decontamination services after fires, floods and other disasters.


Mold & Mildew Removal

Mold and mildew can be tricky to get rid of. That’s why it’s so important to hire a professional decontamination service to remove mold and mildew properly. Knowledgable in the recovery of mold-infested buildings, our team will quickly determine a cleanup plan that includes:

- Identifying mold source & contributing factors
- Isolation of mold-infested areas
- Drying & air filtration equipment
- Mold removal & removal of mold-ridden materials (walls, ceiling, floor materials etc.)
- Application of anti-microbial solutions
- Re-construction of decontaminated areas  

Decontamination Equipment and Materials

Proper decontamination requires the right equipment and materials. Working closely with our professional partners, we can quickly assess the situation and develop a safe and effective clean-up plan. Using today’s best decontamination equipment, methods and materials, we will remove contaminants and restore your building to code. We also work with your insurance company to ensure that the appropriate decontamination services are scheduled.

Asbestos Removal & Decontamination

Asbestos removal and the removal of other hazardous materials require professional treatments. Our team is experienced in dealing with a wide variety of hazardous materials like asbestos or lead and will work together with the necessary regulatory organizations to provide the safest removal and restoration services.

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