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Commercial renovation projects are very different to residential projects.

Whether your business has multiple offices and a large number of employees or is a smaller operation with few employees, there are a number of considerations that must be met to ensure the successful completion of a commercial renovation project.



Commercial renovations often require significant upgrades to electrical service, especially during business expansions.

Electrical services may need to be upgraded to power new or additional computers, photo copiers, printers or new offices.


Construction Services

Montreal commercial construction is unique and finding the right construction company to work with is curcial to the success of your project. Dilamco has been working in Montreal commercial construction since 1994.

As a licensed and insured RBQ general contractor (8306-0806-27), we understand both the industry regulations and the work necessary to successfully complete a commercial construction project in Montreal.


Our team of commercial construction professionals

Over the years, we have built up and experienced, dedicated and competitive team of building professionals. From architects and engineers to electricians, plumbers and commercial general contractors; Dilamco has access to the full range of commercial construction professionals you'll need to start and finish your project:

- Project planning, architectural services
- Permits, code & regulatory considerations
- Foundations & site prep
- Formwork, concrete placing & finishing
- Framing, electrical & insulating
- Roofing & exterior finishing
- Plumbing, specialty systems (geothermal etc...)
- Commercial, industrial and institutional construction services

The challenge of commercial construction in Montreal

Commercial construction requires a high standard of quality and efficiency in order to deliver projects on time and on budget.

There are often unexpected things that come up during a commercial construction project that requires a construction company to find creative, appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

When you work with Dilamco, these types of unexpected occurrences can be greatly minimized and solved because of our experience working on commercial construction in Montreal.


Renovation Services

One of the most satisfying projects is taking something old and transforming it into something more functional and beautiful.

Commercial renovations are our specialty! Plus, with the amazing architectural features that many older buildings in Montreal have; our creativity can produce stunning results while preserving our heritage.

Over the years, we have worked on many Montreal commercial remodeling projects, each one unique and delivered to our clients successfully.


Access our network of Montreal commercial renovation professionals

Through our many previous projects, we have built up an exceptional team of commercial renovation professionals; all dedicated to providing quality services on time and within budget.

Working together with architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, commercial general contractors and many other commercial renovation specialists, we'll provide your project access to the full range of commercial renovation professionals necessary to complete your project:

- Planning/supervising, architectural & design services
- Help with permits, code and regulations
- Site prep & foundation work
- Form-work, concrete pouring & finishing
- Framing, electrical, insulating and plumbing
- Roof and exterior finishing
- Heating & colling systems, specialty systems (geothermal etc...)
- Commercial, industrial and institutional renovation services
- Commercial, industrial and institutional construction services

Streamlined commercial remodeling plans

Commercial remodeling projects are often chosen over new-builds for several reasons.

Cost and location are two of the main considerations. If you are in the planning stages of a commercial remodeling project, give us a call today to find out how we can assist in streamlining all phases of your renvoation. Some key considerations include:

- Essential services: electricity, water, heat, washrooms etc...
- Will you remain open for business?
- Relocation considerations and services
- Safety, permits and codes
- Planning of remodeling work and phases
- Post-renovation janitorial services

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